Things To Know About Porter Finance

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First there is an introduction about Porter Finance that lets you and the other readers know about the basis of the Porter Finance and its services. Porter Finance is considered to be one of those binary options of the web that is growing the fastest. It is such a platform for trading that offers the unmatched fifteen hundred percent of the maximum returns on the options that are digital.  With such a curve that is supposed to be fast learning, there is offered such an interface that is user friendly and the customer services and support is also excellent. Moreover, there are offered great varieties of the currencies to be used I the accounts of porter finance. The stocks, indices and the commodities offered by Porter Finance are also in very wide varieties. As a whole, there are offered more than one hundred of the assets in variance that are different from each other and have different types. Another thing that is offered by Porter Finance is such a platform that is considered to be the most comprehensive for trading. All these things explain the positive reviews of the Porter finance and each and every of the investor is supposed to be sure in finding the things that he is actually looking for, at the platform of porter finance.

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Principle of the company:

The principle on the basis of which the company was formed has been mentioned below:

Knowledge is considered to be the power and no doubt that knowledge is something which comes from the success. The company was officially launched in the year 2014 and it feels pride in providing the excellent services to its customers and in guaranteeing such an environment that is considered to be the best for the success of those traders who pass on the knowledge of the company to a lot of other traders for maximizing the trading potential of the Porter Finance. It is a very positive thing and it adds up to the positive reviews of Porter Finance.


More about Porter Finance:

Making use of the interface provided by the Porter Finance is a very easy job, as much as to make a decision about an asset that whether it will rise in the frame of the selected time or it will fall. Also, the traders have a possibility for earning great profits on the small movements of markets. The periods of expiry that are offered by Porter finance are supposed to be ranging from thirty seconds up to six months. The platform is not that easy to be used; however, it is highly profitable. Whoever tries the platform of Porter Finance, he will experience the Binary Options’ world like he would never have done before. All these things are explaining the positive thing and the positive services offered by Porter Finance to its customers so that they may continue their way with Porter Finance satisfactorily and they may become even more successful.


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Steps to Becoming a Successful Binary Trader

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In order to become a successful binary trader, it is no enough to avoid all of the widely present binary scams and start investing money. Before and after finding a reliable broker, (you can see if ctoption scam is fake rumor) you have to work a lot on improving yourself, your skills, educations and strategies. Here are the most important steps to take towards becoming successful in trading binary options:

  1. Learn – the moment you make a decision that you want to trade binary options, you need to start learning about it, especially if you do not have any previous trading experience. Learn the basic concepts of trading, how to read charts and apply familiar strategies, how to choose which assets to trade and which options to use. There is a lot to learn, and be prepared that you will not learn only before you begin your trading career, but also all the way through it.


  1. Choose a good broker – as already mentioned, one of the important steps to success in trading is avoiding scams and choosing a reliable binary broker. Read the reviews, look for the licensed brokers and make sure that all the features available with the broker are the features that suit your needs as a trader.
  2. Develop a trading strategy – this is an important step in trading, because it provides continuity in trading and allows you to monitor your success, since the reasons for you to purchase an option will always be the same. As a beginner, you can apply some of the already known trading strategies, and as you grow in experience, you will be able to adapt that strategy and even to develop one of your own.


  1. Back-test your strategy – once you have chosen a strategy to apply to your trading, it is important to test it out without consequences to your account balance. Look at the historical market information and test the strategy on them, to see whether it would work or not.
  2. Test your strategy on a demo account – after testing your strategy on historical data, it is tie to test in on a demo account, which should be provided by your broker. The demo account also allows you not to lose any money even if your trades fail, and here you will be able to mock trade in real time and in accordance with the current conditions on the market.


  1. Write down your plan and trading goals – it is important to have a clear goal and a comprehensive, detailed plan. Without that, your trading will only look like wandering around and bumping against walls. If you set a range of trading goals, you will know which way you want your trading to go and you will move towards the goals you have set. After achieving each of them, you will feel accomplished and successful.
  2. Know and control yourself – emotions-based decisions are one of the most dangerous things in trading binary options. You should not let yourself make decisions based on emotions, intuition and the like, but focus on the facts and the results of analysis. This is the only way to stay objective and avoid taking huge risks.
  3. Remain healthy – last, but not least, it is important to sleep well, to find time to relax, workout and eat balanced meals. Not only that it is good for your general physical and mental state, but it also helps you to stay focused when you trade, which is a very important aspect of trading.
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Similarities and Differences between Binary Trading and Gambling

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Trading binary options was officially recognized as a trading method in 2008. Since, then it has gained many supporters who have tried this type of trading or who are still performing it, but also many opponents, who claim that binary trading is nothing better than gambling. Although you may be on the side of the first or the second group, the truth is – both can actually be right. Even though binary trading is different than gambling in many aspects, there are also some that make them similar.



  1. Both binary trading and online gambling are performed on the Internet, after crating an account on a website specialized for this particular area.
  2. Just like with some casino games, such as roulette or slot machines, there is a certain percentage of chance that the guess will be correct. With binary options the chance is 50-50, similar to a roulette game where you put a token on red or black.
  3. Both binary trader and gambler can make decisions based on luck, intuition and random choice, without a particular strategy.
  4. Both involve large amounts of money that can be invested, won or lost.



  1. Even though, generally speaking, a chance of making a correct guess in binary trading is 50%, this percentage can be improved significantly by learning, exploring, making a trading strategy, monitoring and analyzing the market conditions etc. While there is a certain amount of strategy also possible to implement with online gambling, it is significantly smaller and the winnings are still predetermined mainly by luck.
  2. With binary trading, you can actually avoid making decisions based on intuition or a random choice. With the help of knowledge, trading strategy, trading charts and daily trading plan, the trader can make decisions based on pure facts, without including emotions or any other internal reason to purchase an option. What is more, it is even advisable not to interfere any emotions with binary trading.
  3. Different regulatory bodies are involved in licensing binary brokers and online casinos.


As you could have seen from the pervious, there is an almost equal number of similarities and differences between binary trading and online gambling. However, the differences are way more significant. Binary trading can be improved by using strategies, learning and developing various skills. It is also possible to use these skills for further career if it is trading or business-oriented. Just like any other trading, it requires a lot of hard and constant work, despite the simplicity of its concept. Furthermore, it is important to find a reliable broker, with a decent platform and a range of special features. Some brokers to choose are Porter Finance (check if porter finance scam is real or not), 24Option, Stockpair, all of which offer a range of educational materials, bonuses and useful features to increase your knowledge and skill. The bottom line is that it all depends on the trader himself if binary trading will resemble gambling or not. The more the trader tries to grow, develop the skills, learn and practice, and the less he uses emotions in making decisions – he is more likely to be a respected trader without his trading being compared to gambling in any aspect.

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Similarities and differences between binary options and forex trading

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Binary options became a separate trading market in 2008 and allowed many traders to switch to this method of trade after trading on other markets, as well as many “common people” to try out the trading on online platforms. Until then, binary options were only a part of larger markets, and today they offer four different groups of assets to trade: currency pairs, stocks, indices and commodities. They are available to anyone and the brokers are easy to find online, together with many additional features such as signals and trading robots. Together with forex market, they are the most available to novice traders and those who have no previous trading experience or have very little of it. There are some similarities in these two trading methods and their markets, but there are also many differences.



If we talks about differences, first of all, forex trading involves trading only currencies, while binary options allow four different groups of assets to trade, with currency pairs being only one of them. Forex market is certainly the largest in the area of currency trading, while with binary options currencies make only a part of the offer. Another important difference that binary trading more straightforward and predictable. There are clear-cut 50-50 chances that you will win the trade. Also, the precise amount of earning is defined if the trade ends up in the money. Forex trades depend on the exchange rate at the time of purchase and selling, while with binary options you are only interested whether the price will rise or fall. Binary options offer trading management which is simple and highly transparent, with no market levers, margin depths and similar concepts. You should follow what happens in the market, but all you actually need to conclude out of it is whether the option will be over or under a certain price. With binary options, time limit is crucial, since the price level is predicted and the trade is valid within a specified period of time. With forex trades, there is no time limit, you can buy and sell currencies whenever the situation on the market seems suitable. Finally, the trading platforms also differ for binary and forex trading, as well as trading robots.

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When it comes to similarities, both binary and forex trading is based on online trading platforms, even though their features differ, as well as platform providers. Some of the most popular binary brokers are 24Option, Stockpair, Banc de Binary, while some of the most popular forex platforms are MB Trading,, Etoro etc. Also, both binary options and forex brokers are regulated by the same authorities, such as CySEC in EU, FCA in Denmark etc. With both forex and binary options, it is possible to enter the trading process with sometimes as little as $100, depending on the broker. Also, both are possible to trade on long-term and short-term periods, even though the period for forex trading can be significantly longer. Finally, both trading methods can be applied only at the time when the market is open for business.

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Similarities and Differences Between Binary Brokers

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When choosing a binary broker, it is important that it is regulated, reliable and that it provides as many features as possible that best suit your trading needs. There are many binary brokers online, and they are the same in some aspects, yet very different in others. Finding a reliable broker and avoiding scam is not that hard, since there are many reviews and honest comments of the users. But finding the one that fits exactly your needs requires some additional research.


Most binary brokers are focused exclusively on trading binary options, and they offer mostly the same types of them. In addition, there are some brokers that mainly operate of Forex market, but they have added binary trading as one of the additional features. With many small differences between the brokers, there are two main differences that you can observe, and they concern a trading platform and a license. When it comes to the trading platform, most of the brokers use software provides to create their platform, so you may find several brokers with the same platform layout. Some of the most used platform providers are SpotOption, PandaTS, TechFinancial and MarketPulse. On the other hand, there are also some brokers that have created their own platform, and they are currently a minority. A good example of custom-made trading platform is Stockpair, whose platform is user-friendly, easy to manage and very well organized, and the broker itself is very reliable and provides many assets to trade and many additional features to the traders.


When it comes to license, the division is clear – there are brokers with the license from official authorities, and those without it. The brokers with the license are usually better to chose, and the regulatory bodies differ depending on the country where the broker is established. For example, the already mentioned 24option is registered with CySEC, which is a regulatory body for the brokers in EU. The reason for not having a license, however, may not be the unreliability, but the fact that a broker is still waiting for the license to be issued. This is especially a problem with relatively new brokers, so sometimes there can be very reliable brokers that do not have the license yet.


When it comes to other features, the brokers are similar to each other, with small variations. They all offer four groups of assets to trade – stocks, commodities, indices and pairs, only they can differ in the number of overall assets offered. Traditional Call/Put or High/Low options are available with every binary broker, while some also offer Tunnel Options, Pair Options, or relatively new concepts such as Kiko Options, provided by Stockpair. Most of them offer welcome bonuses as well, but they differ in the amount and the conditions you need to fulfill to use them. However, most of the brokers require you to achieve a certain level of trading before being able to withdraw the earnings made after accepting the bonus. Most of the brokers also offer a demo account, and it is usually granted after creating an account and placing the first deposit with the broker. Very few brokers provide it without creating an account, while there are also some brokers that do not have a demo at all.

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What Binary Options Broker Should you Use?

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When it comes to binary options trading, it is really important to select the proper binary options broker, in order to make sure that your trading would be done as it should, and that you’ll have some chance of making a profit. If you select one of the binary options scams or binary options robot scam, you might end up losing everything, and that is why you really need to pay special attention to this.

Selecting the right binary options broker is something that should not be taken lightly; it is something that needs to be done over a period of time, by studying what each of the binary options brokers has to offer, and then selecting which one of them is the best. Also, you need to take into consideration that there are a lot of binary options scams (as we have already mentioned), and that is why you need to do a complete check up on each of the binary options brokers you’ve been considering.


First of all, you need to take a look on some of the various lists that you can find online, that list the best binary options brokers out there. And seeing how these lists usually are international, they will give you the best binary options broker in the world. When you study those lists, take into consideration the rates that each of the binary options brokers have gotten; these rates were given to them by experts and their clients. This will give you an insight into shat people think about that particular broker. Also, if there are any reviews, read them as well. There, the people will write about all the good things they found on that binary options broker, but also about all the bad things that they have encountered there.

Then, when selecting a binary options broker, you need to keep in mind that a good binary options broker is always regulated. Only take into consideration those binary options brokers that are regulated, because that way, you’ll be making sure that they are not some sort of a binary options scam. Regulated binary options broker have to follow all the rules and obey all the laws, and that is how you know that they are not going to scam or trick you in any way.


Also, a good binary options broker has to be simple to use and to be user friendly. This is something that really needs to be taken into consideration when you start inspecting the binary options trading platform. This is where you conduct the actual trades, and you probably know that everything needs to run smoothly there. In case things get complicated, you may encounter some kid of a risk, and “risk” is a word you never want to encounter when investing. So, if you make sure that the binary options trading platform is simple, as well as everything else we have written here, you will without a doubt find a great binary options platform that is perfect for you to use.
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